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So you’ve been digging in your attic again, and you think you hold in your hands a valuable piece of history?,....

Hey, wouldn’t it be wierd if it was the same piece of film Chaplin’s holding in his hands in this picture taken in 1919?

Well anyway, you’ve come to the right place! Here at the Charlie Chaplin club we often get questions about “previously undiscovered” Charlie Chaplin films. And if you are lucky enough to be in possession of one of these films, your first question is probably going to be ”What’s it worth?”

Though true previously undiscovered Charlie Chaplin films are extremely rare, there are exceptions, and believe me there are Chaplin historians out there perched with great anticipation and with some cash flow, making this a potentially exciting find. Even still, for the average novelist, or for the outright non Chaplin fan, this can be quite a daunting investigation, primarily because you simply don’t have the historical knowledge on the subject matter to know.

Don’t be discouraged. As a Chaplin historian and private expert here at The Charlie Chaplin club, I have lined out a few facts and guidelines to make this, in most cases, a rather swift and effortless experiencefor you.

First a quick history lesson;

Charlie Chaplin made some 95 known films in his career. Of these, a few have been lost to time, circumstances and erosion. One example is “The Seagull-1923″, which was never released. (It is rumored that Charlie destroyed this film on the steps of his studio, either in a fit of anger at his leading lady Edna Perviance over her drinking, or simply because he was unsatisfied with the film in general). Or in the case of “Her friend the Bandit”(filmed June 4, 1914)-some say the elusive holy grail of Chaplin films. We know it exists because we have survivng still shots of it, yet no known print exists.

Furthermore, because Chaplin’s name and work were of such great monetary value even then, when this, the most famous entertainer in the world left a film company like Keystone, Essanay or First national, this left a huge hole in their revenues. Therefore it was common practice back then when Chaplin himself had little or no control over his films, to put together outtakes from his earlier films in an effort to create new films for market.One example is with “Triple Trouble-1918″, created with out-takes from Chaplin’s film work at Essanay. (Chaplin did sue to stop release, but lost)

And in many, many cases, they’d take a previous Chaplin film and simply re-title it. For example you can find “Tango angles” filmed with Keystone in 1914 under the title “His Recreation” or just “Recreation” on youtube, but it’s really just “Tango Tangles” with a different title.

In fact, in 1918, Chaplin began featuring his signature on movie posters as well as the main title cards of the films themselves in an effort to avoid confusion with the many Chaplin reissues that were being released under new titles and then advertised as the latest Chaplin comedy.

None of these examples are technically considered previously undiscovered Chaplin films. For true Chaplin historians, the films in question are going to fall into one of four categories;

  • 1. An undiscovered Chaplin film: One he made that was never released, and no one ever knew about before. (and this can happen with full films as well as film lost footage, as in the case of the outtakes found years after his death and then made into the documentary called “Unknown Chaplin.”
  • 2. A lost Chaplin Film: A known Chaplin film that was lost to time, erosion or circumstance and therefore is no longer available.
  • 3. A re-titled Chaplin Film: A previous Chaplin film that has been simply re-titled for market.
  • 4. A re-packaged Chaplin film: A film put together with out-takes from his previous work (often combined with known scenes from his previous work), to make a whole new movie for market.

To be clear, only example number one can technically be considered a “previously undiscovered” Chaplin film, although example number two would arguably be just as valuable.

But again, because he made so many films~ for the uneducated Chaplin fan, determining this fact can seem almost impossible. Fortunately, here at the Charlie Chaplin club, we have several well versed Charlie Chaplin experts, who if given a few key facts, can usually be quite helpful in determining very quickly its true validity. So this, “The Charlie Chaplin Club” is clearly your best first stop on your journey. And in order to get the fastest response, when you ask us about your film, I encourage you to include a few of these basic facts, keeping in mind that you can go to your local college or library, check out a film projector and watch it there. I’d recommend taking a pen and pater for notes. What I want to know is,....

  • A. What is Charlie wearing in the film? (Is he wearing a mustache? What kind of hat and what color of coat and is he wearing, and is he wearing his big shoes?)
  • B. What’s happening in the film? (Try and include a few different scenes)
  • C. Who is his leading lady in the film? (What does she look like, what is she wearing?)
  • D. Does Charlie Chaplin’s name appear at the beginning of the film, with or near the title?
  • E. Does the film have a musical score?
  • F. Who is the production company or distributer?

As a Chaplin historian and private expert here at the club, I look forward to answering any questions you might have, and I feel there is no question too small or strange. After all, this phenomenon of Chaplinitis itself is a strange condition many of us, more than you think, are happily infected with.

And if you’re not a fan- if your simply a guy with a piece of 8mm film you found in a dusty old box in your attic and you’re wondering of its worth, I think if you take the time to explore, you will discover that with regard to the monetary value of that piece of film you hold in your hand, (if it’s an undiscovered Chaplin film), then you’ve really got something there!

If not, let us say it’s utterly worthless monatarily. Either way I caution you, DON’T LET IT GO! You hold in your hands an incredibly valuable piece of history. Think about it. Chances are, you have an important piece of film, produced at the birth of the film industry itself a hundred years ago, by one of the greatest film makers of all time. And sure, it’s worth checking out its value, but if you stop your quest here at “how much is it worth?”, if you don’t sell, then at the very least, you’ve got a great conversation piece. And if you take the time explore Chaplin himself, I promise you this will be the wildest, most fascinating biography you will ever unfold. Leaving you with many enthralling historical facts to beguile others with as you hold your little film strip up to the light for them to see, makeing you of course, the most interesting person at the dinner party!

Once you yourself are happily infected with Chaplinitis, allowing yourself to submerge fully into Chaplin’s story, you won’t want to give up this seemingly worthless little piece of celluloid at any price.

But in the end, if you decide you just don’t want it anymore or you think it’s just going to end up back in a dirty old box in your attic again then please, contact me here. I’ll buy it for ten bucks plus postage just to take it off your hands. Because after all, sometimes the greatest feeling in the world is giving something you don’t care much about, to someone else that it would mean so much to, like in this case, giving a piece of old Chaplin film to a tirelessly devoted Chaplin historian like myself. :) Either way, please write back and let me know how your quest turns out. I’d be most curious. Best of luck on your journey!

By; Charlie Chaplin historian and top contributor,

JeTamme Derouet©120710

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  • Julie Colan: I have a reel of film from Chrlie Chaplin with the following markings on the box:-
    Atlantis Home Movies
    Rescued By Charlie
    Charlie rescues two men, gives artificial resperation - Then ends up in the drink himself.
    I think the price is given as :- 22/6
    It does say rescued by charlie at the begining of the reel but I don’t have a projector so I havent seen the film.
  • JeTamme: Julie,
    This sounds like a repackage to me, most likely a re title at the very least. The best hint given so far is Atlantis home films. A company Chaplin was not involved with. But to be fair I can’t say for sure until I have more information. If you go own to your local college or library and request a projector you can watch it right there. But don’t forget to take a pen and paper to take notes because we’re going to need the above listed questions in this article answered to make a better determination of authenticity. And if you could ask your questions in the films section of the forum that would be great.
    Best of luck and I hope to hear beck from you soon,
  • Vanessa: Hello JeTamme
    I have been trying to find out about a film called Musical Bars. I do not have a projector so cannot answer the questions above. Is this one you have heard of. Perhaps its worth buying a projector. Advise would be appreciated.
  • JeTamme: Vanessa,
    This is not a known Chaplin film, so to go forward, we are defiantly going to need more information. I’d recommend going to your local library or community college and renting a projector and watching it there. But Vanessa, be very careful rolling the film out. If it IS a Chaplin film, there’s a good chance its almost 100 years old. Let me know what you find.
  • Lu: I have two Charlie Chaplin films.
    Both are in blue boxes and were distributed by Mountain Films(39 Hillside London)
    The first one is called Charlie gets a job. Charlie uses a pitchfork to get the worker moving and you can guess where he uses it!
    The second one has no title on the box and at the moment I have no way of watching the film as I live in a remote area with no library.
    Thanks for any help.
  • JeTamme Derouet: Hi Lu,
    Well, based on what you’ve told me so far, the first one is either a repackaged or re-titled Chaplin film.
    Take a look at this clip of "THE TRAMP"", originally filmed at Essanay studios on April 11, 1915, paying close attention to the scene at the 6:08 mark.
    If this is the same scene you are talking about, then my question is this,... is the entire movie the same, or is just that one scene the same? Check it out>>>
    If the entire movie is the same, then it’s a re-titled Chaplin film.
    If just that one scene is the same, then it’s a repackaged Chaplin film.
    Does that make sense? (see above article for definitions)
    As for the second movie,since there is no information on the box and no scene description provided, I have no clue.
    I hope that helps. :)
    Charlie Chaplin historian, paid expert and top contributor,
    JeTamme Derouet
  • michael: Hello I have a 16mm Exclusive Movies Chicago Illinois called Thirsty Fiddler. I couldnt find anything about it. I would appreciate any information you may have
  • JeTamme Derouet: Thirsty Fiddler? hmmm. If it’s a Chaplin film, that’s gotta be a retitle or repackage. Can you tell me a little bit about the film? Have you seen it? JeT
  • Russ Cook: I have a 16mm film found with a hand-crank QRS-DeVry projector. When viewing the film, it starts with Felix the Cat cartoon followed by Charlie Chaplin. There isn’t a title to the movie. It shows Chaplin without a mustache next to a bar. He’s wearing a white shirt, and doesn’t have a hat on. There is another man behind the bar. Chaplin grabs a large rag from the bar and blows his nose. He then grabs an apron, puts it on, and goes to a female sitting at a table. There isn’t a title of the movie or any credits. With it being a hand-crank projector, there isn’t any sound. Have you any idea what this movie is? Any information would help. Thank you.
  • JeTamme Derouet: Are you sure that’s Chaplin?
  • Russ Cook: I’m not positive it’s Charlie Chaplin. In viewing the video again, he does have a mustache, but not a hat. When he walks, it looks like charlie chaplin. In looking at other videos of Charlie Chaplin, it looks like him. The scene takes place in a bar. After he gets his apron on, he walks around the bar. There are several people in the bar. He goes over to a female sitting and a table and looks like he takes her order. That’s the end of the film. I did a little research and found out that he made ALOT of movies. If you have any idea what this might be, I would appreciate it. My daughter recorded the video with the ipod as I played it. I have that video on my facebook page if you wanted to take a look at it. Thank you again.
  • JeTamme Derouet: Yes, I’d love to look at it. Can you please send me a link?
  • Sam: Film reel 50 ft. Called: Charlie Repents. A Capitol Film. Know Aything
  • Monica: Dear JeTamme
    ...My mom worked for Universal Camera Corp. in the early 30’s in New York City. I have a Chaplin film in the original tin I am very curious about.I used to watch it as a child and remember it had more than one movie but I can only remember a funny chase scene in a house where Charlie is closing wooden sliding doors. We watched it on a 16mm ? projector...that would be the 1/4" film ?....I’ve kept it all these years and would like to know what its value is besides being sentimental.I am going to try to find out what is actually on the film and get back to you. I am glad to have found your site and appreciate your help.
  • JeTamme Derouet: Ahh Monica,
    You have great little film there. You are talking about "The Adventurer"originally released by Mutual on Oct. 22, 1917. One of my favorites. You can still see it here on youtube.
    A lot of interesting fun facts I won’t bore you with here, but I also have some fascinating still shots of him on the set if of that film you’d like to see them. If you look on my profile, you will see a pic of him laying on the beach, that one was taken on the set of "The Adventurer", but I’ve also got others as well. And in the film "unknown Chaplin" (a film I highly recommend for any Chaplin fan),you can actually see him working out scenes as well as some quite funny outtakes on the set of that film at mark 2:48.>>>, and here from the beginning up to mark 2:25>>>
    As for your copy, I’d need to know some facts before I can authenticate it. 1. Does it have music? and 2. In the beginning of the film, does it list a production company? This will tell us whether it is an original or a reprint, which again will help determine it’s value. Hope that helps. Looking forward to the results.
  • Paul: I was given original prints of 3 films many years ago. These are from the estate of Gloria Swanson. One is a Charlie Chaplin 16mm 1200′ film titled Army. Can’t tell you much more about it as i do not have a 16mm projector and have never watched the film. What can you tell me about it?? Thanks
  • JeTamme Derouet: I don’t think I understand clearly what you are asking me. There are a couple of films Chaplin made to do with the army. He made a short film to promote war bonds called "Bonds." Here it is on youtube>>>
    He also made a film called "Shoulder Arms." Here it is on youtube>>>
    Both films were relesed in 1918.
    What’s intriguing me is that you specifically described your film as an "original film". The only problem with that title is that it is not listed on any known official Chaplin films list that I know of, not even the Official Charlie Chaplin website. So if your title is correct, that could only mean that you either have an as yet undiscovered Chaplin film, or it is a re title or re packaged Chaplin film, as I laid out in my article above. Does that make sense? In the end, finding out which of these you have could mean everything or nothing, depending on what you have. :)
  • Paul: Hello again, Thanks for responding. In pen written on the reel it says "ARMY Charlie Chaplin". On the metal case/container the film was in, there is written "781148 Aardvark Films Assoc." in pen and on the side is an embossed label that says "PCMC–PRINT 1" and another "PCMC WK PRT"
    I looked at the film itself to try and find a title. The film appears to begin (or was cut) with people (soldiers) walking. As i said it is a big 1200′ reel. I do know it is from the estate of actress Gloria Swansen. Any idea where i can find someone semi local to tell me what i might (or might not have) .
  • JeTamme Derouet: ok, this is somewhat telling. The production company is not a company Chaplin is known to have worked with that I know of. That, and the fact that it came from the estate of Gloria Swanson is promising. At this point, until we know for sure what you have, I’m going to urge you DO NOT LET THIS FILM OUT OF YOUR HANDS until we get some better identification, on the off chance it is a previously undiscovered Chaplin film. It’s probably not, but why take a chance on someone stealing it if it is, right?
    When you say that you are certain it came from Gloria Swanson, where did you get that information from?
    ALSO VERY IMPORTANT:Can you watch the first dozen frames of the film I provided "Shoulder Arms", and tell me if it’s the same as what you have?
  • Paul: Hello again and thanks for responding. I did a comparison and it does appear this is the same film you posted. Oh well. Is it worth anything??? Thanks so much for your time!!
  • JeTamme Derouet: But what a fun ride it was. And yes, it looks like you have what I refer to in my article as a re title. You could sell it on E bay for a few bucks, but my feeling is that if you hold on to it and preserve it, it will be much more valuable in years to come. Any way you go, it’s not nearly the same as say a dvd o it. You actually hae an original that came from GLORIA SWANSON. So it’s still more valuable in your hands as a conversation piece. Don’t worry, someone will come along eventually and probably pay you bit bucks or it if you’re patient enough. :) Till then what a great story starter, right? Please don’t forget to vote for me at the top and leave a comment on my profile if you liked my answers .:)
  • Erica: I found a 16mm safety film exclusive movies. The reel is 25feet. The title is Charlie Chaplin my mistake 6878.The film has Charlie pulling a chair that a lady is trying to sit on. She falls to the ground. In the film Charlie pulls out his hat and coat from a oven. Do you know anything about this reel? Thank you.
  • Janiene: Hello, I purchased an16mm "The Immigrant" appears in excellent condition. What do you think itY be worth, if anything? Thanks so much for your time
  • JeTamme Derouet: hmm, can you tell me, is it an original or a reprint? JeT
  • Janiene: Thank you JeTamme Derouet for your reply. I do not know how I can know if it is an original or reprint. I would love any and all advise. I bought it at an Auction of a wealthy gentleman who had passed. Actually, it was my first auction ever...I just thought it would be fun to own an old projector...The film was an added bonus!
    I can send you pictures or give any info.
    Any and all help would be so appreciated.
    Thank you
  • tim hartigan: i have 2 charlie chaplin movies from keystone i can’t find anything on, one is charley and his dog, and the other is a Knigtht at court, both on 16 and have the credits at the beginning.thanks hope to hear soon from you, thanks tim
  • Mike Fazzino: I have a few movies
    Laughing Gas
    Hits of the past
    caught in caberet
    charlie in dough and dynamite
    and two others that i cant make out the name on the boxes, ill have to watch them to see what they are.
    Are these all common films of his ??
  • JeTamme Derouet: The others are common, yes. But "Hits of the past"? Can you tell me more about that one?
  • mike fazzino: Ah, sorry i just went to put the "hits of the past" on my projector and the bulb just burned out !!!! i have to try to find another, The movie is by Official Films...... thats all i can tell you until i look at the movie.
    also i found another called his prehistoric past
  • Derek wilson: Hi there, I found an old Charlie Chaplin film in my loft it’s called "in Hollywood" was wondering if u knew anything about it ? It just says its a lost film on other sites. Thanks derek
  • 8mm film Charlie: I have a Charlie Chaplin 8mm film, "Universal Camera Company". Charlie Chaplin is in a Arabian setting and the end scene is an elephant with girl on top of the it and Charlie hanging on the elephants tail. Pulling Carlie standing on his feet over the sand of a beach the sea in the background. I can not find this footage anywhere can anyone tell me the name of the film. It is a old film no sound.
  • Awe: Hello,
    I asked a question about a old 8mm Charlie Chaplin film I would like to have some more information about. I have uploaded the end scene to youtube it may be easier when you see the film footage to identify it. The reel is not complete and I do not know the name of this film. The can is label "Universal Camera Corp.". To me it looks like Charlie Chaplin.
    Kind regards
  • Peter: Hello,
    I have "Shanghaied" with Charlie Chaplan. My uncle collected film back in the 30’s and 40’s. Many musical shorties, Charlie Chaplan film, and original Felix the Cat. Wondering what the value of Shanghaied would be or where I might get it appraised in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
    Thanks for your help.
  • matt mcwhirt: I have a 8mm short film ,only 25ft. called "The Party" and it’s Charlie Chaplan. Is this a rare one?? I looked around and couldn’t find anything on it. Please let me know.. Thanks, Matt
  • matt mcwhirt: I have a 25ft. short 8mm film called ‘The Party" of Charlie. Is this a rare one?
  • Martin: Hello,
    I live in East Sussex in the United Kingdom.
    Last year sometime, I caught the end of a news [tv] article about some Charlie Chaplin films being discovered here in East Sussex.
    I registered this but never thought much more about it, until: I found 3 old boxed film reels in a charity shop here in Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex. One of the boxes has ‘Charlie Chaplin, at the Studio’ written on the front label of ‘PEAK FILM PRODUCTIONS’. This is scribbled through and also on the label it is typed: SHIRLEY TEMPLE "KID IN HOLLYWOOD" this is also scribbled through and written and not scribbled through is: HOLLYWOOD KID.
    I’ve taken some images of this and will send them to you if you give me an email address.
    The address on the bottom of the label is:
    LONDON, W.1
    Underneath the label is written and scored out: PRISON PALS.
    I don’t have any fascilities to watch the reel but it measures 8mm, is on a small reel and is KODAK. I’m reluctant to handle it so don’t know what is on it.
    The other two film reels are in same small brown boxes, and the reels are different sizes. They do not have a label on them. One is written to be: BUCK CHEEZER. 125′ SUP.COL.SND’ B6. And the other one states: ‘hand-written to the side again’: LULU AT THE ZOO. 110′ S&D.COL.
    I’ve had a quick look at them and see frames. So there are films in them.
    Can you advise me as to what I can do with them please? If they were worth money I would really like to sell them.
    I would be reluctant to send them off in the post as they could get lost.
    Look forward to hear from you.
  • Stan: Hi Martin,
    I’ve just been given a few old 16mm prints of Chaplin and wondered if any of these are particularly rare? I’m sure they’re probably just run of the mill stuff, but I thought I’d better run the titles past you before I part with them.
    New Job
    Charlie’s Night Out
    Triple Trouble
    Dough & Dynamite
    Charlie at the Show
    Charlie’s Elopement
    Laughing Gas / Between Showers
    The Fireman
    Perfect Lady
    The Cure
    Behind the Screen
    Pay Day
    Oh What A Night
    One or two might be something other than Chaplin. I can take them to a friend of mine who’s able to run any that might be worth further investigation.
    Kind Regards
  • Dan: Hello JeTamme Derouet - You’re name sounds french, so if that guess is correct then I have something interesting for you...maybe. And Im also curious if theres any value to these, but based on what Ive read here probably not, but I’ll give it a go. I have 4 films, seem to be all titled in French, and they are 16mm. Unfortunately we do not have a projector so hopefully you can figure this out without me having to watch for the clues you mentioned. And they all have a number in parentheses after the titles, hopefully those are not the numbered reels bc we dont have the other one...the 1 or the 2 of the other.
    Titles: Charlot Pompier (2), Charlot Aventurier (1), Charlot Fait Une Cure (1), Charlot Vagabond (2)
    Thank you much for your time and help...looking forward to watching one of his movies on youtube, thanks to your links!
  • Chris Brown: Hi JeTamme,
    Do you have any comment/advice on this? - I have a 9.5mm Chaplin film. Used to belong to my father. It has been stored indoors in a tin reel box, unopened, for 50+ years. We all used to watch it and other films and home movies in the early/mid 1950s. I am now 68.
    From my recollection Charlie has a girl (possibly Kitty?) and he works with a burly foreman. Here are some recollections of some scenes - possibly not in order.
    1. there’s a large two piece trapdoor with an open/close handle - Charlie is given instructions on how to work it. Of course it all goes wrong and the foreman falls in and becomes trapped by the neck by the doors. There follows an indoor chase, where Charlie does his cornering thing.
    2. Charlie has to pick up some plain wooden chairs and take them somewhere. He starts to pick them up be throwing them over one arm, up to his shoulder. He manages to pick up so many he looks like a hedgehog and he stumbles off with them.
    3. The films ends with a massive messy custard pie fight.
    From memory the film is approx 30 mins long and seems to be one story.
    I hope this is recognisable and stirs memories of your own. I am not taking the film out of its reel as I am afraid of damaging the film.
    Kind regards.
  • mark: i have recently found an old pathescope film reel of charlie the actor and im after some more information if you could be of any help
  • Bindy Bitterman: I am an antiques dealer and today got a l6 mm. Kodak Cinegraph of Easy Street (No. 4024) that appears to be in perfect condition. His name appears as Charles Chaplin, which seemed intriguing. So I wonder if I have something special, and even if not, what I should sell it for. There must be collectors with l6 mm. projectors, but I don’t have one. This film appears to be in perfect condition, along with the box which has a bit of damage, but very little. At the same time I got a second film starring Felix the Cat!!!! That needs research, too, but obviously elsewhere!
  • JeTamme Derouet: Hi Bundy, and welcome to The Charlie Chaplin Club. Before we begin, can you do us a favor and send pics of the box and also have you watched the film yourself?
  • Bindy (Not Bundy) Bitterman: I can send a photo via my iphone but I need an email address for that. Do you want pix of just the outside box or what? No, I’ve not seen it. I don’t have a 16mm. projector nor would I know how to operate one.
  • Muriel: Hi Jetamme,
    I live in the land down under and was wondering the value of 2 reels that my sister and I received from our stepmother... However based on what I’ve read here probably not but thought to ask anyways :) ... The first reel is called the floorwalker and the second is the fireman. Both are 8mm and the condition of them are great... No damage as far as I can see so that’s a good thing, and both came in its hard cover plastic cases... If that makes sense lol.. Love to hear back from you.. Till then, kind regards...
    The girls down under :)
  • Bindy Bitterman: I need an email address, not a link or an url or a website, so I can email the picture of the "Easy Street" box with the reel inside. Please tell me how I can send a picture if you can’t supply an e-address.
  • JeTamme Derouet: Hello Muriel,
    What a lovely name. Can you tell me if you have viewed the film yourself?
  • JeTamme Derouet: Bindy, You can post the pic right to this site. People do it all the time. :)
  • Mark: Hello,
    I’m wondering if you could help me,
    I have an old film reel from equitable films, it’s called ‘very much at sea’ with charlie chaplin.
    Would you know a date when this was made by any chance?
    Any help would be great as I can’t find anything under that particular name.
    Many thanks
  • JeTamme Derouet: Hi Mark, have you watched the film in qiestion?
  • Matt: Hello Je Tamme,
    Sorry to confuse, my names matt :)
    Thanks for you reply!
    I haven’t got a projector unfortunately, however I unraveled some of the reel gently, to have a look.
    I’ve found out that it’s a renamed version of "the immigrant" with different title, captions etc.
    I would love to view it in full. In your experience, have you heard of this named version before?
    I tried to look up Equitable films, and found something relating to Edna.
    What would you recommend I do with the film? I would love to think I own something unique and different.
  • Muriel: Hi there, I replied awhile back in regards to 2x Charlie Chaplin reels my sister and I have . Love to hear back ... From the land down under :)
  • Daniel: i have an 8mm Cine film that is entitled Charlie Chaplin Coming Home Late and have no idea about it and hoping you may be able to help.
  • JeTamme Derouet: Hmmm. Have you seen any part of the film yet?
  • Daniel: All I have seen is it starting with a black door and then what looks like Charlie chaplin entering the scene and stood by the door as if to go in.
    However we have not been brave enough to reel off to much in case it causes damage or unable to wind it back on to the reel.
  • JeTamme Derouet: Yea. Hmmm. Tell me this, in the very beginning, is his name there? Also, what kind of suit and hat is he wearing?
  • Daniel: I have not seen his name on the actual film? he is making his way to the door in a black suit and black hat also carrying a stick if I remember correctly.
    I have heard that it could be a short film cut from one of his feature length films but again I have not had a definite on this?
  • JeTamme Derouet: Hmm do you know what the leading lady in the film looks like?
  • Daniel: I don’t unfortunately, if I get a chance I shall see if I can find get a look at it?
    Like I have said im a bit wary of winding to much off the reel just in case.
  • JeTamme Derouet: I can certainty understand that. One suggestion is to call around to some film schools and colleges and see if they will screen it for you. I’m sure they would jump at the chance with any 100 yr old Chaplin film.
    Try and jot down some of the questions I’ve asked here in the blog so you can answer them while you’re viewing the footage.
    Best of luck, and keep me posted. :)
  • greenacres: I just wrote a post about a film my grandfather left us. He was 94 when he died. That was about 14 years ago. The film is still in the movie tin. Charlie is on a fishing boat throwing up all over. We haven’t watched it in a long time. It was interesting reading your article. How would you find out info?
  • JeTamme Derouet: That is the film "the Immigrant." What would you like to know?
  • greenacres: I going to watch the film this weekend. I want to see which portion I have. How would this films been obtained? What should I do to preserve it? Is there any real interest in these films?
  • JeTamme Derouet: A.
    "The Immigrant" -1917-One of Charlie Chaplin’s most beloved short comedi...:
    I wouldn’t have any remote idea how your copy was originally obtained. I’d have to have a lot more questions answered by you before that could happen.
    How to preserve it? That answer is way beyond my pay grade. If it were me though, I’d start contacting film schools. They usually have better leads. Meanwhile, try to view it as little as possible. Again, your local film school should have an 8mm projector.
    As for it’s value, again a lot more questions must be answered first.
  • greenacres: I have a projector. I have to get it down from a high stop in my garage. My husband will help me. Let you know. I will try contacting a film school in my area and see what they think after I view.
  • greenacres: Oh, I forgot was this film sold commercially? I asked the other question wrong. I should asked did it bought or obtained in another way.
  • JeTamme Derouet: I’m a bit confused.Are you asking if it sold commercially by other besides Chaplin?
  • Dov Weiner: For example I have a mug from 1850. It was made in production known to that time. How many of these films would be made? Enough for each movie theater or were there a few that were sent from place to place?
  • JeTamme Derouet: Well, as this blog suggest, the distribution varies. You have the issue of copies being distributed to theaters, not only all across this country, but around the world,.
    Then there is the issue that Chaplin himself added sound and introductory title cards, then releases several of his films.
    Then you have many of the issues I’ve listed above with the retitles and such.
    If you would simply view the film, then view the original film on YouTube, then answer some of the questions I’ve listed above in my blog, I promise we could get to the bottom of this a lot faster. :)
  • Dov Weiner: Okay checking my film Saturday.
  • Dov Weiner: Some of the film is "Assorted Tarts".
  • JeTamme Derouet: Assorted pastries? Isn’t that "dough and dynomite?>>>>>
    "Dough and Dynamite (1914) - CHARLIE CHAPLIN & CHESTER CONKLIN - Mack Sen...:
  • Dov Weiner: Yes that’s it. This is in the beginning of the film.
  • JeTamme Derouet: Ok, I cant wait to see your notes after watching the film.P lease take a pen and paper and take lots of notes based on the questions I have asked.
    But at this point, based on the info you’ve provided so far, my money is on it being a re packaged Chaplin reel. Oh I’m so excited I can hardly wait for the results, what about you?!
  • Dov Weiner: Me too! My mom is coming over and I’m getting the popcorn ready!😊
  • greenacres: Well, I learned a lot this weekend. First my film is 16 mm, so there is no adjustment for a 8mm projector. Then I spoke to a very knowledgeable person about the film. He explained the Charlie Chaplin ’s films were done in 70mm. He told me that in order for the film to to fit the screen the film had to be that large or it would have been blurry.Those were the films shown in the theaters. Then they were made in 32mm a little later. The film I have is more a commercial film. His store used to rent those machines, but no longer does. So, the good news is I found out about the history of films. The bad news is I couldn’t watch my film unless I buy a 16mm projector on eBay.
  • JeTamme Derouet: WOW FASCINATING! In all my research, I have never heard that before. Thank you so much for that little gold nugget. Now I am going to have to research that. :)
    If I were you, I would still check film schools in your area, or research a film maker, perhaps on Craig’s list, to see if anyone will loan you a projector first. But if you must buy one on eBay, then after you view your film, then turn back to eBay and sell it back.
  • Dov Weiner: No problem. I have a lot of family film which is 16mm, but we turned them over to VHS, which I don’t have either. I will have to make a purchase of some kind.😊 Let me know what you find out about the film size.

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