hi. i want to know which sheet related with chaplin's famous comedy
hi. i want to know which sheet related with chaplin's famous comedy
by Guest
CHARLIE CHAPLIN COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL The village of Waterville, with the patronage of Josephine Chaplin, along with other patrons, friends and local businesses, is to hold the first annual Charlie ...
by Guest
chaplin comedy club/restaurant
For those who do not know there is a chaplins comedy club in Michigan On Groesbeck connected to a bowling alley named FountainView Lanes where famous comedians like Dave Coulier and Frank Coliendo ...
by chaplinboy
I have an old time comedy film Charlie Chaplin in " Charlie ...
I have an old time comedy film Charlie Chaplin in " Charlie the Knight Errant " is this of any value, it is a 8mm (super 8). Furious chase when bandit abducts girl and crazy caper from charlie when ...
by Guest
I have a 35mm film trailer for "When Comedy Was King" that features footage...
I have a 35mm film trailer for "When Comedy Was King" that features footage of Charlie Chaplin, as well as Buster Keaton, The Keystone Cops, Fatty Arbuckle, etc. I have images of the footage and the ...
by M Bentley
Comedy of murders"
Recently found a script from Comedy of Murders and am wondering what it is worth
by mbt
In the Richard Meryman interview with Charlie in LIFE mag in the 1960s, Charlie talks about a comedy he was working on: an unrealized comedy that I haven't heard about anywhere else. I wonder if ...
by cihhoocv
Re: Chaplin today
Hey JeT, Thanks for thinking of me, very good article and one I can use for my comedy workshops too. I even shared it on my page of a certain well known social network site. Thanks again, you're a ...
by RichCoad
Re: I want to know, what was Charlie Chaplin's favourite film?
Fascinating information. We know that though he was famous for his comedy, Chaplin loved murder mysteries. In fact, I believe that's why he decided to make "Monsieur Verdoux". I think it was the only ...
by JeTamme Derouet
Re: AC Meet Chaplin
... ght YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN was funny, but the reason why I'd nominate A&C MEET FRANKENSTEIN as the best comedy-horror is becuz YF never really had horror. The monster there was a buffoon and not serious ...
by mystic_moose
Was Charlie Chaplin a Socialist or a Communist?
Charlie Chaplin has been accused widely in USA for being a Socialist / Communist, but, in his own words, he denied being a communist and claimed to be a “Peace Monger.” Below is an ...
by Asif Nadeem
Re: Classic Comics (Class A, B C)
You are completely right about Charley Chase here. His comedy shorts were one of the springboards that eventually became television's situation comedy. Had he lived, I am sure that he would have been ...
by tess
Re: Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit
I remember back in the 70's, PBS had a series called 'The Silent Comedy Film Festival.' They used this music during EASY STREET and THE IMMIGRANT. I remember Adolph Green was guest for that show, and ...
by tralalafak
Re: What do you think?
Is the play a comedy?
by jayden
Re: Kudos to Our Stan
Finally a comedian with respect for classic comedy
by Lahasaert
Re: What is your favorite Chaplin film?
Charlie was so young in The Gold Rush, but yet it was one of the comedy peaks in his career.
by jane grace
The Coming of the Custard Pie...
'The Great Charlie Magic... Portrait of a Genius' Robert Payne Quoting: The crowning accident, the most beautiful and the most accidental of accidents, was the discovery of the custard pie. The ...
Re: Chaplins silents and Food
Um, the gold rush has a comedy scene in which charlie as the tramp is eating a boot. you should see it!
by helper
laurel and hard comedy big business had sanford as the blubbering cop
by sonofabaut
Silent V Talkies
Do you think that silent comedy or talkies were/are best? What influences have been taken from the silents in your view? Just a fun light hearted question to see what we all think.
by RichCoad
Re: But Turpin One of the funniest pieces on film
In the USA it is on 'When Comedy Was King' a DVD from a 1960 compilation. In Europe it's very hard to get. In my country the Netherlands not for sale.Mmmmhhh........
by johnny
Re: Charlies Funniest Feature
Aargh, I'm green with envy! I think there is dramatic subplot in the Tramp's continuing inability to fit in, his unrequited love for Merna, and the abusive father/circus boss. Although I do find it ...
by Rick Hunter
Hi, I would like to ask if anyone knows if there was ever a Charlie Chaplin...
Hi, I would like to ask if anyone knows if there was ever a Charlie Chaplin film/comedy called 'Charlie at the theatre' Carrie
by Guest
Re: Howard Hawks, Chaplin
Hawkes was a great admirer of Chaplin, but I'm not sure why he felt he had to turn _Don Q_ into a comedy. It's generally regarded as a comic masterpiece. ...
by gluxarewers
Re: 120 minute version of the Gold Rush
I just bought a new t.v. An LCD t.v. :D Great to hear those films can be best seen on this t.v. I just bought (but haven't connected yet) :) I remember from my childhood a series called "Comedy ...
by copper
Re: Chaplin Book recommendation
Kerr's book is quite lively and readable, and has some wonderful illustrations. He does manage to convey the excitement of these films better than virtually any other writer. He also wrote a book ...
by Rick Hunter
Re: Darly Zanuck Wrote for CC?????
George is right. And then again, he's not. I checked with the recent Zanuck biography, 'Twentieth Century's Fox' by George F. Custen (New York: Basic Books, 1997) Custen states (on page 79) that ...
by Vhear
Charlie Chaplin
I have a Charlie Chaplin cine film its the Charlie Chaplin classic comedy series i was wondering if you know anything about it Kind regards Robyn
by Robyn
Re: Essanay Films
... eview of the one reel farce By the Sea, which I found a little bit dissapointing but shows how much comedy Chaplin could extract from a piece of string. ...
by At The Back Films
Do you have a previously undiscovered Charlie Chaplin film?
So you've been digging in your attic again, and you think you hold in your hands a valuable piece of history?,.... Hey, wouldn't it be wierd if it was the same piece of film Chaplin's holding ...
by JeTamme Derouet
Re: What is your most memorable scene of Charlie Chaplin?
There are so many, but one that sticks in my mind like no other is City Lights final scene: Charlie Chaplin, King of Comedy, King of Tragedy, King ...
by Kxxx
Kenneth Williams on CC
This is from 'The Kenneth Williams Diaries' (p.272)... 'Thursday, 20 January 1966 Saw Charles Chaplin in the restaurant today. Looking grey, yellow, and bent. Pathetic. He's doing a picture with ...
by freeringtoness
Re: Roberto Benigni on CC
... king that, without being overtly Chaplinesque, Benigni does display many wonderful elements of film comedy ...
by kcstarguy
Re: Woody mentions CC and BK -- wow!
... this acknowledgement. It's a lot better than Chevy Chase, who admits to disliking 'black and white comedy', ...
by lajaboy
Re: About the Chaplin links,...
:ohmy: let's not forget this link : Thee very first charlie chaplin comedy film festival, to be held in Ireland this august with unimaginable amounts of Chaplin related ...
by alyson
... th it as a film, though I understand why people like the music. There was a passably good screwball comedy in there somewhere trying to get out, but it ...
by klounfox
Re: film scene
Sounds more like the Anita Garvin-scene in the Laurel&Hardy film 'From Soup to Nuts' (1929). The cherry keeps eluding her spoon and she gets more and more frustrated. The joke is repeated by James ...
by swarnavel_mp
Chaplin in Coventry
... Does anybody have further information on this at all? I'm very keen to find out more as I perform comedy shows on ...
by RichCoad
Re: What is your favorite Chaplin Film and why?
I would have to say that my favourite Chaplin film of all time is "Limelight" because it is such an autobiographical film. Character names keep cropping up from his past in that film, such as Mr ...
by Caroline2210
Benigni Chaplin
We've seen the similarities between Chaplin's DICTATOR & Benigni's LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, but has anyone noticed any similarities between Chaplin's VERDOUX & Benigni's THE MONSTER? Actually, I haven't ...
by Vhear

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