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Chaplin autograph by JeTamme Derouet
Wondering if your autograph is real and how much is it worth? Here's the thing. We have to put this into context. Here are some things to consider,... What we have is a possible Chaplin signature, not on the photo itself, but on a random piece ...
If you saw Charlie Chaplin in color, would it change your opinion of him? by JeTamme Derouet
Question; If you saw Charlie Chaplin in color, would it change your opinion of him? And if so, in what way? Vote for your favorite color Chaplin pic, and please leave a comment as to why your choice below>>> A. B.

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I'm the English version supplied (whether Charlot wrote it or not) is a terrible translation into English. The English version (not translated, but written in English) that I found is ...
by Rebecca - 1 day ago
does anyone know where i can get a large approx 2 ft tall charlie chaplin figure for my partner.I am willing to pay the going price.I am in the uk so i do understand that some of the ...
by Gloria - 2 days ago
I have found an old 8mm film in its box called OH What a night. Have you heard of it and are any collectors likely to be interested?
by Guest - 5 days ago
Hi. I have a small film with Charlie Charplin, Mickey Mouse and "Laurel & Hardy" they are from around 1914. How much would something like that be worth?
by Carsten - 6 days ago
Is there any info on that? Like a website or a preview or a expected release date??
by TylerRochester - 1 week ago
Does anybody have a 3ft plus in height charlie figureine for sale.I have been looking for one for a while now. Also if anybody knows of anywhere that sells them i would be gratefull for any ...
by Gloria - 1 week ago
Hi, Do you atill have the figure for sale.I am in the uk and am interested in getting one for my partner who thinks "charlie" is fantatsic. If you have sold it please can you inform me as ...
by Gloria - 1 week ago
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