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Chaplin, Cambell, Una and OOna? by JeTamme Derouet
Even now, after researching Charlie Chaplin for many many years, there are still burning questions I'd love to have answered. One person who's always intrigued me is Una Cambell, the daughter of Chaplin's close friend and nemesis in many ...
Test blog for Vale,.. by JeTamme Derouet
Shhhh.... ...If we sit here quietly in the dark and close our eyes, we can only begin to imagine little Charlie... Maybe 4 years old or so, more dirt than dignity, his clothes all tattered and torn, looking up at this great big world ...
Chaplin autograph by JeTamme Derouet

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Hi everyone,We are about to start the second phase of the planned UI change. The first phase was about adding mobile support. This phase is about making the UI more modern, simplifying ...
by admin - 2 days ago
That is interesting! Is there anyone you could ask about this or any books or anything?
by Vale - 3 hours ago
Can you download some of your Chaplin music for us when you get it together?B)
by JeTamme Derouet - 6 hours ago
Oh Doug, Doug, Doug,You make me smile. You really make my chaplinitis come alive, and get my mind racing with motivation again. You see, as a Chaplin Historian of many years now, Im really ...
by JeTamme Derouet - 7 hours ago
Nice work JeT
by RichCoad - 2 days ago
Thank you JeTamme, I really appreciate that! :)
by Vale - 3 days ago
Me too! My mom is coming over and I'm getting the popcorn ready!😊
by Dov Weiner - 3 days ago
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