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Chaplin, Campbell, Una and OOna? by JeTamme Derouet
Even now, after researching Charlie Chaplin for many many years, there are still burning questions I'd love to have answered. One person who's always intrigued me is Una Campbell, the daughter of Chaplin's close friend and nemesis in ...
Test blog for Vale,.. by JeTamme Derouet
Shhhh.... ...If we sit here quietly in the dark and close our eyes, we can only begin to imagine little Charlie... Maybe 4 years old or so, more dirt than dignity, his clothes all tattered and torn, looking up at this great big world ...
Chaplin autograph by JeTamme Derouet

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Dear friends, I am a fan from Chaplin since forever and I am an autograph collector. I am looking for a good signed piece from Chaplin for several months. Now I have the opportunity to buy ...
by Fargiani - 13 hours ago
I suggest you'd try posting some detailed pictures on this site: www.artifactcollectors.com/
by jade - 1 day ago
Where did Charlie <email> , grow up, retire, did he have family in the Carolinas, etc
by sidney - 1 day ago
The film is not titled it only number one rights. Can you tell me anything about its value or if it was ever titled and released. I have been in possession of it and a few others for 30 ...
by sidney - 1 day ago
Hi dear friends, I'm looking for music note of charli chaplin. Is there any one who can guide me? This is the music sound: Michel Villard-TITINE from "Modern times"(Charlie Chaplin: The ...
by Guest - 2 days ago
by Edén - 3 days ago
Does it have any value? Should I restore it? Do you have a picture of what one looks like finished? Thanks Joe
by Joe - 3 days ago
I love the little guy and he would look good net to my lamp post of Charlie. I would be interested in buying it. Apparently, it would be with $147.00 at £100 , so let me know. I will pay ...
by SIU_Rad_Grad - 4 days ago
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