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Chaplin, Grimaldi & Turning 40 by RichCoad
Griamldi & Chaplin
June this year saw my 40th birthday, and what better a way to celebrate this than going to London! And yes, you guessed it, a Chaplin related happening. After a wonderful day going around Camden Market, followed by a stroll along the ...
Lambeth Workhouse and its great use today by RichCoad
The Lambeth Workhouse
My mother and I are avid cinema fans and with me being a Chaplin fanatic a visit to the Cinema Museum in the site of the old Lambeth Workhouse seemed fitting. Chaplin of course had sad memories of his time there while his mother Hannah battled ...

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Spencer, named after his uncle.
by malkat1987 - 26 minutes ago
Hi, I'm brand new here, but I've been a Chaplin fan for nearly fourteen years. My very first exposure to anything even remotely Chaplin-related was through a series of Sesame Street skits. ...
by malkat1987 - 2 hours ago
Is it Modern Times? This was a 1936 epic comedy film that was written and directed by Charlie Chaplin. He was employed as a factory worker who runned into an orphan girl named Ellen.
by Marra M - 7 hours ago
That is so very strange. I wonder what's this film on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2YnFLPCS10
by jade - 11 hours ago
I suggest you'd check Ebay. These old films doesn't worth much now.
by jade - 11 hours ago
I have a restaurant bill signed by Charlie Chaplin when he was on the R.M.S. Olympic crossing the Atlantic. The bill is dated September 7 1921 my grandfather was a waiter on this ship and ...
by Guest - 2 days ago

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