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Charles Chaplin: Composer by Jimmy
This week marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of the incomparable Charles Chaplin (April 16, 1889). The first mega-star of motion pictures, his Tramp character was world-wide the most singularly recognized icon of the silent film era. He produced, wrote, directed and starred in most of his pictures since his screen debut exactly 100 years ago (1914). His artistry included music composition, which is currently holding my attention. Undeterred by the advent of sound pictures, he continued ...

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Is Chaplin relevant to the world we live in today? Wouldn't his films be obsolete for kids or teenagers of this generation? What do you think?
by jade - 23 minutes ago
I am looking for opinions on authenticity of a signed postcard. I hope someone can help.
by Cslt - 1 day ago
Hi all, I am selling my Charlie Chaplin signed photo and would be grateful if you could take a look at the link below as I would like it to go to an avid Chaplin fan. ...
by cloughie77 - 1 day ago
Wait a minute. Just So I'm clear, sir. Are you saying you paid a thousand dollars for an "authentic autographed" still from "City Lights"? Charlie Chaplin Historian, Paid expert and top ...
by JeTamme Derouet - 3 days ago
125 years ago that our great hero was born. How lucky the world was that he came along. Happy birthday Charles.
by RichCoad - 3 days ago
I'll have to listen to them, thanks!
by Vale - 4 days ago
Yea, you keep me posted on that mystery girly. lol B) JeT
by JeTamme Derouet - 5 days ago
Nice Facts!:thumb-up: You should put them into a blog article so that... A. People can easily find them for refrence. And B.You can easily add to them over time. What do ya think? ...
by JeTamme Derouet - 5 days ago
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