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If you saw Charlie Chaplin in color, would it change your opinion of him? by JeTamme Derouet
Question; If you saw Charlie Chaplin in color, would it change your opinion of him? And if so, in what way? Vote for your favorite color Chaplin pic, and please leave a comment as to why your choice below>>> A. B.

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There are spammers who spams sites by adding their phone numbers or addresses to their posts. We are trying to stop that.
by jade - 1 day ago
Okay I joined the other day thinking I had to be a member but I will try spelling out my cell # seven three two three hundred nine nine two four. Try that lol
by concrete charlie - 1 day ago
I need an email address, not a link or an url or a website, so I can email the picture of the "Easy Street" box with the reel inside. Please tell me how I can send a picture if ...
by Bindy Bitterman - 1 day ago
Here is the one i have, TCL IS NEEDED...located in New Jersey.
by concrete charlie - 3 days ago
Wasn't this lamp on a TV show? Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie.
by Guest - 3 days ago
1916 or 1918 burnt wood chaplin handkerchief box - does anyone know what this is worth? thank you!
by Guest - 3 days ago
I have a 4ft charlie Chaplin lamppost...its in rough condition but would love input on it and offers
by Guest - 5 days ago
This Charlie Chaplin doll measures 32" tall and has some craquelure on the face making me think it is made of composition or paper mache. I know that Louis Amberg & Sons made a 32" doll in ...
by Connie - 1 week ago
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