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Chaplin, Grimaldi & Turning 40 by RichCoad
June this year saw my 40th birthday, and what better a way to celebrate this than going to London! And yes, you guessed it, a Chaplin related happening. After a wonderful day going around Camden Market, followed by a stroll along the ...
Lambeth Workhouse and its great use today by RichCoad
My mother and I are avid cinema fans and with me being a Chaplin fanatic a visit to the Cinema Museum in the site of the old Lambeth Workhouse seemed fitting. Chaplin of course had sad memories of his time there while his mother Hannah battled ...

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I have an original 8mm Charlie Chaplin classic comedy series by Peak Films do you know how much it will be
by Guest - 11 hours ago
Why is Charlie Chaplin an inspiration to you and how would you describe him?
by Guest - 1 day ago
Total shot in the dark, but I'll ask. Has anyone ever seen (or own) an RBC film print of "A Dogs Life" or "The Pilgrim"? These are the home movie versions that the Chaplin estate ...
by Guest - 2 days ago
I’m thinking of selling this. Any chime-ins would be great on appraisal or where a good start outs be for appraisal sites. I’m new here, so forgive me if I seem out of the loop ...
by Danib1414 - 6 days ago
Hi Robert - I do still have the statue. Let me know if you're interested please
by Dwane - 1 week ago
buster Keaton, is he long gone?
by cardiff5 - 1 week ago
The Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra will be kicking off their Espresso series with a showing of Charlie Chaplin's THE KID with LIVE musical accompaniment by an ensemble of the orchestra. ...
by Rachel - 1 week ago

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